Vehicle ICU, Paint & Body work

Our brand new smart repair facilities

If your car has been damaged or scuffed somewhere you are probably annoyed every time you look at it but feel it will take too long and be expensive to get fixed…

Although minor vehicle damage like dents and scratches to bodywork and alloy wheels are inevitable in today’s driving conditions they are still infuriating and can cause your car value to plummet… If this is you we have the answer.

We have invested heavily in revolutionary SMART vehicle paint repair systems, and are now passing on these benefits to all our customers.

We can repair the following at a fraction of the cost of a traditional repair

  • Scratches
  • Stone chips
  • Minor dents
  • Dash repairs
  • Car phone holes
  • Seat repairs
  • Windscreen repairs

Save on car insurance

We can now repair most minor damage at a fraction of the cost of a normal repair, so the insurance claim becomes unnecessary – the no claims bonus remains intact, and the whole thing is complete quickly with no inconvenience!

Motor insurance premiums have recently tended to increase significantly above and beyond inflation, and to combat this, many people nowadays accept an increased ‘excess’ with their policy – which means you may end up paying from your own pocket for accidental damage repairs.

Additionally, it isn’t always possible to retain the no-claims bonus after such a claim, and with the typical claim for minor paintwork damage running to Ksh 30,000, it becomes less and less sensible to actually make the claim! This is where we can save you thousands of shillings!


Typical smart repairs that we do

Bumper Scuff

A very common type of damage, usually caused by the stationery vehicle in the wrong place, or the gatepost that jumped out unexpectedly!


Most commonly occurring on the front-facing surfaces of the vehicle, such as the bonnet edge. Depending on the seriousness, chips can simply be cosmetically improved with colour-fill, which will normally be done free of charge in conjunction with other work on the vehicle, or fully repaired.

Alloy Wheel Repair

Another very common parking accident – we can restore most alloys quickly and effectively.

Interior Repair

Specialist materials allow us to repair dashboard holes (e.g. mobile phone mounts), and carpet or upholstery damage (e.g. cigarette burns)